sick of getting a new property manager every 6 months?

When we meet new owners for the first time we always ask “why are you looking at changing agents?”

There are a few answers to this, lack of services, promises never honoured etc, but the main one we will focus on today is:


I’m sick of getting a new property manager every 6 months


every time I call the agency there is a new property manager


As an owner, you may be surprised that this probably the same complaint your tenant has about the agent too.

There is a culture in Perth real estate where property managers change agencies every few months.

Agencies will offer great incentives to attract new staff, but then neglect and overwork them to the point that the start looking somewhere else and the cycle begins again.

This is where Crash Realty differs

Not only do we offer fantastic packages and conditions to our staff to ensure they stay and stay happy,


Your property manager is the Director (me) meaning you don’t have to worry about a new property manager every few months or ever.

I mean, it’s not like I’m going to be leaving my own business to look for work elsewhere.

Immediate bond lodgements – Our Guarantee

It always surprises me when I read crazy statistics like this. 945 late bond lodgements within a 3 month period in Western Australia?! I’m speechless, well almost speechless.

We speak a lot on our site about discounts, introductory offers and loss leaders because we are promoting our packages and business, but we don’t speak enough about our services. That is going to change.

Our trust accountant Melissa not only keeps us compliant with all deadlines for receipts and lodgements but she consistently exceeds my expectations. Melissa lodges every bond immediately upon receipt of the bond money from our tenants.

It may take a little more time to do each lodgement as each payment comes in but really, the time taken is not much and certainly nothing compared to the $20,000 fine an agent and owner can face for lodging late. Besides, why are these agents needing threats like this in the first place? Just lodge the bonds on time… simple…

With the new electronic bond lodgement system introduced by the Department of Commerce over 12 months ago there is simply no excuse for any late lodgements. Tenants get immediate text messages and emails from the Bond Administrator to confirm their information is correct and the bond is lodged as quickly as you can say Crash Realty provides the best service at the best possible price. 

The Department of Commerce have issued the below bulletin

Tougher action planned for late lodgement of bonds: Real estate bulletin issue 128 (November 2016) | Department of Commerce

How can you be so cheap?

Our agency is in a rapid growth phase

We are building our client portfolio by providing great service at a discounted price most agencies cannot compete with.

In the retail world they call this a loss leader. This is where a retail shop will offer a product or service at cost and sometimes even below cost to get you in the door so they can then up-sell you on other products and services and hopefully make a profit.

Where we differ from retail

  • We provide contracts to our owners and stick to that price.
  • Instead of up-selling you to make a profit we have priced our fee structures at cost plus a little extra to put aside to build up a wage for our next staff member.
  • In order to grow and continue to grow we provide the best possible service to our clients and hope that you will recommend us to everyone you know.

Here’s the catch, we want you to recommend us to every one you know

Don’t think this is a sustainable business model?

Keep in mind, many of the most successful businesses in the world ran on a zero profit model for at least the first 5 years of trading. Why should real estate be any different?

We are building a business not a profit

Your tenant doesn’t care about your agent

I was recently talking with a property investor that had been desperately wanting to change their managing agent for some time, so my first question was “why haven’t you changed then?”

It turns out that some agents are giving owners the impression and some even outright saying it, that their tenant will move out if they change agents. Some have even told owners that they cannot leave as the sitting tenant was selected by their agency so they have no choice… the owner has no choice?



Over the past 8 months we have moved more than 60 managements with sitting tenants from different agencies throughout Perth and you know how many tenants moved out because of the change in agencies?



That’s right, zero tenants have said, “well you’re changing agents so I’m leaving” in fact we have had tenants that have specified that they are only staying because we are taking over management and have signed new leases.

In some cases a fresh agent can resolve or put to bed old issues that have been in the way for months or years where the previous agent may not because they were involved in the original issue to begin with. A fresh agent can help resolve issues without any party losing face.

Fear no tenant


Tenants aren’t these scary monsters hiding under a bridge that you must fear disturbing or they’ll attack and eat your first born, they are genuine people with genuine needs.

Tenant’s don’t care what agency you are with. What they care about is service. period.

What tenant’s want from your agent

  • Calls taken or returned within an hour
  • Emails answered same day
  • Maintenance attended to in a timely manner
  • Follow-up on maintenance. Tenants are time poor, they expect the agent to be on top of these things

What tenants don’t care about

  • The name of your agent
  • What your agent looks like
  • How much signage they have on their car
  • How much you are paying in management fees

In times where you see declines in rent returns, how much is your agent reducing their fees to help carry the load?

Check out our service packages from 2.2%

Property Managers: Where will you be working in 2017?

Do you enjoy making money and building a business for someone else?

As the most important employee of the real estate agency, are you being looked after?

No? Maybe it is time to move…


Property management positions in 2017 paying 90% commissions in the first year


We are looking for strong senior property managers with a passion for property and we are prepared to pay for you.

Build your own rent-roll

Manage the clients you want, and not the clients you don’t want
People develop with people not businesses, you own your own rent-roll

As you own the rent-roll you are building your own business, not someone else’s.

No office times. Start and finish your working day when you want
Get 90% commissions for your rent-roll for the first 12 months, then 80% thereafter. (includes super).

Support from

  • Licensee
  • Accountants department


We operate under a Results Only Work Environment. It doesn’t matter which foot you put a sock on first, after you have put both on you still have 2 feet with socks on them.

Not a Pod but a Party

Your rent roll and your clients are yours, that isn’t going to change. Our Pods are parties, you are 1 of 3 members and help each other out.

Need to take a day off because your kid is sick, one of your party will do your inspections for you, and you’d do the same for them. Want to take leave? Your party will help carry the load while you’re away.

Need to take your kid to work for the day? No problems.

We love our jobs, but we work our jobs for our families.

Never again have to ask for permission from a boss to take leave. Take as much as you need, as often as you need, just work with your party to make it happen.

Never again need a doctor’s sick note, when you are sick you are sick, you’ll catch up, and if you need help your party is there to help just as you will help then when they need it.


We embrace your individuality, after all the way you operate is why your clients want you. We have procedures but they are not set in stone, use them if you like, and don’t if you don’t. Change them and make a better way. Share with your co-workers. Customise your service to suit your clients’ needs and your particular style.


  • Property Tree
  • MyDesktop
  • Google Apps
  • PIM (Property Inspection Manager)

Are you an employee or a franchisee?

It’s like having your own franchise only better. You won’t have to pay for a Triennial license, trust accountants, admin staff, insurances, systems, real estate trust audits etc. An agency will spend 20-30% of commissions on these agency outgoings.

This is still a single real estate agency, you still have a licensee and support staff. You are not thrown out on your own to fend for yourself.

Start with the Why

We are fans of Simon Sinek, if you don’t know who that is google him, it will change your life.

Because Together is Better

We love all aspects of real estate, we want to share our passion with our staff and clients (owners, tenants and contractors).

We want to reward our clients with fantastic services at fantastic prices.

We want to rewards our staff with ownership and profit shares.

This is your business as much as it is ours.


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