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  Do you have a rental for lease under $350 per week? Then this deal is for you!   Take one of our super cheap service packs before 1/10/2016 Essentials 5.5% Pay-as-you-go 7.7%   Plus our super cheapie special for the first tenancy $220 leasing fee, fixed, no percentage […]

Super cheapie special (for owners)

  We have found that owners will move their management for at least 2 of the following reasons combined:   Past clients They know and are comfortable with us and our services.   Reputation and recommendations The majority of our new clients come from recommendations from past and current clients. […]

Paying for the Debacles, our guarantee

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  I was recently talking with a property investor that had been desperately wanting to change their managing agent for some time, so my first question was “why haven’t you changed then?” It turns out that some agents are giving owners the impression and some even outright saying it, that […]

Your tenant doesn’t care about your agent

As a small business ourselves, we know how important cash flow is and knowing that we will not order works without cleared funds to make payment, we can now offer creditors daily payments. With its your money paid your way for owners, it makes sense to provide the same service […]

Contractors paid daily

  Last weekend I was speaking with an investor I have known for many years.   At one point we got to talking about end of month payouts. For years I have run with 2 payment options, one payment at the end of the month and the option for an […]

Your money paid Your way

Update A special thank you to everyone that signed up during this period. It is great to meet so many new and old owners. We drew the winner at a recent investors conference we attended and are very happy to announce Carolina with her investment property in Carlisle has won […]

(Winner drawn) Win 12 months FREE Property Management

  There is still a perception out there that standard agent fees are as low as they can be and Western Australia is just an expensive place to invest. Many property investors from Eastern States that invest in Western Australia suffer fee shock when the contact local agents and calculate […]

How can you be so cheap and still provide good ...

We live in a society where we celebrate success and successful people but ostracise, ignore and demonise people that make even the smallest of mistakes. For the majority of businesses, particularly in the real estate industry, we accept nothing less than faultless perfection from our staff. This leads to staff […]

Why we celebrate mistakes

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I was talking with one of our owners yesterday about options he had selected on the management authority. We can customise our management down to every single account which is great for owners that wish to pay direct certain accounts to gain discounts or bonus points. My owner had opted […]

Owner saves over $3,000 per year by paying his own ...

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Try our special introductory offer for a limited number of property owners   40% off management fees. ** Hassle free no locked in management agreements.   ** That’s a saving of around $1,137.40 per year on regular fees based on a $400/week tenancy.   Management authority

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