Crash mission: find 30 in 60 days

As Crash Realty continues to grow we need to continue to hire more staff.

As with most businesses, we need to hire the next team member before we have the business to fund them so we can continue to serve our clients as we continue to grow.

To fund each employee’s wage costs 30 managements and I’m hoping to fund a new employee as quickly as possible.

If everything goes to plan, after we have employed our new team member and built 30 new managements, the plan will be so successful we will be looking for another 30 to fund the next team member.

I believe this new team member will make a significant positive impact on the leasing market and as long as we can keep those new properties coming they’ll have plenty of work on and I won’t have to give them busy work like filing or doing my laundry.

Together with your help we can make a difference.


Our mission: To gain 30 new managements in 60 days


To secure as many new managements as quickly as possible we are marketing our best package ever. We are calling it our “All-in-Plus+”


Best Bits

Based on a rent of $350/week and “standard agent fees” that is a saving of over $1,000 a year, every year, forever.

Refer a friend and they can take advantage of this secret reduced price too. Not only that, but we will also give you 3 months FREE property management on your property as a thank you.

Move your other properties over and we will give you 3 months FREE property management on all your properties!




We created Crash Realty with a single mission statement.


To provide the best possible service at the best possible price


I believe we have achieved what we have set out to do so far. Now it is time to step it up again.

We know, just like every other agency knows, that properties are leased by regular, advertised and repeated home opens, not by sitting in the office waiting for the phone to ring.



The Crash approach


Open or Private viewings?

With our tenants we know 50% made no attempt to contact us before attending a scheduled home open and about 50% registered to view. Less than 1% of our tenants contact us first without us initiating first contact by booking home opens.


Inspectrealestate (IRE)

So we know that just scheduled home opens only aren’t going to get us there, and we know private viewings only aren’t going to get us there. We know we have to do both and thanks to IRE we can.


Scheduling with IRE

We use IRE for scheduling and to allow potential tenants to book inspections with any of our 3 leasing team members at times that suit the potential tenants. The scheduling wizard also books our scheduled home opens for me in under 5 minutes.


Reporting with IRE

After every scheduled home open an private viewing you receive a report detailing attendees and feedback. We also send a full results report every week.


Why IRE?

Since we started using IRE on all our ads, we have seen a massive shift from tenants making no contact before the home open to them contacting us to register for scheduled home opens. Using IRE really encourages tenants to initiate contact. This makes collection of information easier and means we can follow-up with potential tenants easily and it also increases our conversion rates.


Tenant statistics


No contact prior to home open

  • 37% do not contact us prior to attending a home open. (down from 97% since using IRE).
  • 13% are browsing the market, view one property with us and with a few pointed questions we show them another property from our rent list, they apply and lease that property.


Sent enquiries

  • 49.5% register for a scheduled home open, attend, and apply within 1-3 communications. (up from 3% since using IRE).
  • 0.5% of our tenants booked a private viewing with us first, apply and leased that property.


Advertising stats

We list on every available website and monitor the results:

  • (60%)
  • Domain (27%)
  • (8%)
  • Homely (3%)
  • Rentfind (2%)
  • Home sales (0%) (1 enquiry so far)
  • iProperty (0%)
  • Prolist (0%)
  • Trading post (0%)


Our leasing team:

  • Nicola dedicates half of each work day to scheduled home opens and the other half conducting routine inspections and property condition reports. She also volunteers (in exchange for money) to conduct a full day of home opens on weekends. No one tell her this but I’m glad to have someone as passionate about leasing as I am.
  • Dianne also schedules daily and weekend home opens.
  • I have several scheduled home opens and private viewings weekdays and show all properties on weekends.


Our new employee

Our next mission is to clone Nicola. Failing advances in cloning technology we will employ someone to compliment Nicola’s daily run doubling our leasing efforts by doubling our scheduled home opens.

As always, if things aren’t working or could work better, we change it, so this is all subject of course to adjustment and review for effectiveness but I am anticipating this new team member would work:

  • Thursday 10:30 AM – 6:30 PM
  • Friday 10:30 AM – 6:30 PM
  • Saturday 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Sunday 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Monday 10:30 AM – 6:30 PM

Almost all of our tenants are sourced from weekend and after business hours home opens so working these times will be a very important part of this position.


If you made it to this line you read the whole page. Thank you!

If you know someone that might be interested in joining our team please share this link with them