Leasing & business development – 100% commissions

Are you a great at leasing and bringing in new managements?

Are you getting rewarded where you are?

No? Maybe it is time for a change…


We have positions available for fantastic leasing and business development reps and we’re prepared to pay for it.


Leasing fees – 100% commissions (forever)

That’s right, we are offering you 100% leasing commissions for any property you bring in and you lease, forever! Not just this lease, every lease.

Management fee – 40% commissions (forever)

For as long as you are working with us, you get 40% of all management fees for all properties you bring in. What happens with the other 60%? 40% goes to property manager’s wages, 10% to agency costs and 10% to the agency.

What’s the difference between a Leasing rep and a Property manager?

  • Leasing reps bring them in, lease them, and the Agency manages.
  • Property managers bring them in, lease them, and manage the property.


  • All figures include super.
  • You have the option to bring in your own PA’s.
  • You have the option to conjunct in-house on 50/50 splits with other leasing reps and property managers.
  • Includes full office support.

Why work with Crash Realty?

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For more information please email david@crashrealty.com.au