Commercial management

Why so cheap?

  • These discounted packages are designed to increase the number of properties we manage. They are not designed to make a profit.
  • In many circumstances your tenant will pay management fees, however outgoings costs including management fees are taken into consideration when a tenant is comparing properties. Every cost counts.

Management Packages

GROSS Essentials $66 /month

  • Owner pays outgoings
  • Gross tenancies

NET Essentials $88 /month

  • Owner pays outgoings, refunded on budget
  • Net tenancies

PREMIUM $110 /month

  • We pay outgoings on budget or on gross rent
  • Net and Gross tenancies

Additional fees

  • Maintenance requests $55
  • Property condition reports $220 for the first 2 hours $110/hour afterwards
  • Annual inspection reports $110 per hour to a maximum of $220
  • Budget reconciliation $220 for the first 2 hours $110/hour afterwards
  • Leasing 1 month’s gross rent +gst. More details

** all figures are inclusive of GST.


Please email or call us, we are here to help.