The guy that sits in his office all day doing nothing and still collects a pay cheque at the end of week.


David Crash

Director | Licensee

0416 933 623

Leasing | Property Management

Leasing your properties, managing your tenancies, and looking after your asset.

David Crash

Director | Licensee

0416 933 623

Nicola Malone

PM-PA | Assistant

Dianne Dewhurst

Property Manager

0414 436 064


Offering deals better than bricks!

David Crash

Director | Licensee

0416 933 623

Accounts | Administration

Working in the background doing all the boring jobs like data entry and accounts, making sure everything is done on time and goes out right.

Melissa Crash

Director | Accounts | HR

Barbara-Anne Berry

Project Management | Scheduling | Timelord

Admin Support

Our slave labour force. Working the hardest, doing all the gross jobs and getting paid little more than minimum wage.

Faith Matteo


Katie-Louise Nazurally




We are a mobile on-site agency, by design we come to you.

Postal Address PO Box 78 Morley WA 6943

After hours 23b Lindfield Street Westminster WA 6061