Strata deals

All too often Strata managers act as if they own the complex and forget they are simply employees of the owners.

It’s time to bring sanity back to Strata management

Crash Strata is a support business for Crash Realty and is a cost plus business


  • Separate actual bank accounts for general and reserve levies
  • The Strata keeps the interest not the Agency
  • Option to pay levies quarterly or monthly per owner (subject to Strata approval)
  • Emailed statements and reminders

Strata management fee

  • Single story, survey strata – $11 per unit
  • Multi story – $22 per unit

Other fees

  • Administration and software $11 per month
  • Annual General meetings $275
  • Common area inspections (on request) $110 per hour

Not charged

  • Storage fees for your file
  • Additional hidden little niggly fees


Please email or call us, we are here to help.