Leased in 30 days or it’s FREE

We are so confident in our team and our processes we can put your money where our mouth is. If we do not lease your property in 30 days from listing we will give you your tenant for FREE.  That’s no leasing fees, no PCR fee, no inspection fees.

We know that every tenant is different and will want to book a viewing in different ways.

Our approach

  • Regular, scheduled, advertised, Home Opens
  • Multiple reps able to view your property any time
  • Tenants can schedule viewings at any time with any available rep
  • Tenants can call any rep and personally book in times


  • Available for the All-in-Plus management package
  • Property is clean and presents well
  • We have access to conduct a minimum of 1 weekday and 1 weekend scheduled home open
  • We have access to conduct private inspections on request from potential tenants
  • Property is listed at market value
  • Owners follow our rent and conditions review recommendations

Other costs you still need to pay for

  • Internet advertising $165
  • TICA Landlord insurance Plus+ $240