Move in faster with RentBond

We are huge fans of and their 2 major products which have really changed the game when it comes to rental websites.


Renter’s resume

We love renter’s resume so much we offer it as one of our online application options regardless of which site you found our rental on.



We love RentBond so much we offer RentBond as a payment option for bonds for every tenancy. We see more leases with bond being paid through RentBond than any other system including cash and EFT payments.



Why do we love RentBond so much?

Because you get into your property quicker!


I don’t know about you, but for most of us we don’t just have 6 weeks worth of rent just laying around for when we are ready to move to our next rental property.

Just because you don’t have a few grand sitting around waiting to be spent on bond doesn’t mean you have to save like crazy for a few months before you can even look at moving to a new property. That’s why we have RentBond.


The competition

When RentBond came to the party they filled a much needed in the rental space. Yes Homeswest has a similar system but only if you qualify. I have seen a few other systems advertised out there but each one I have found have astronomical interest rates. We are always happy to look at other systems but frankly we haven’t found anything that truly compares with RentBond. Check it out for yourself!