Paying for the Debacles, our guarantee

We have found that owners will move their management for at least 2 of the following reasons combined:

Past clients

They know and are comfortable with us and our services.

Reputation and recommendations

The majority of our new clients come from recommendations from past and current clients.


They are attracted to our 40-60% reductions in management costs. Your current agent might be fantastic but let’s face it, in times of reduced rent returns if your agent can’t reduce their fees it is time to shop around.

Lack of service

The overwhelming majority of new clients with properties older than 6 months note lack of service as their number 1 motivation for seeking a new agent.

All too often we see agents:

  • Not responding to emails in a timely manner
  • Not actioning maintenance in time causing further damage
  • Not actioning lease renewals, rent reviews, arrears in time
  • And worse yet, the agent refuses to comply with direct instructions from the owner

All too often we see owners and tenants out of pocket when this happens. Recently we had an owner have to pay out over $1,000 in repairs they would not otherwise have had to spend had the agent simply forwarded an email from the strata company to a tenant to action.

All too often we see agents refusing to take responsibility for their lack of action, refusing to compensate the owner and worse yet blaming the owner or tenant foir the issue!

Crash Realty, a point of difference

We have previously posted and the reasons why we celebrate mistakes. We simply do not get into these situations. If we make a mistake, we acknowledge it, own it, rectify it and learn from it. We will always compensate an owner for an issue we create. We will never avoid it. We will never try to blame the tenant or owner.

Because of our culture of celebrating and learning from a mistake instead of victimising and chastising staff, we do not have agents hiding problems that escalate to a point where it is too late and the relationship is lost with the owner or tenant.

So, what do you do when an agent costs you?

Well, most importantly you move agents as quickly as possible before they cause further damage to your investment or hip pocket.

How do you recover your lost money?

In cases that have been brought to our attention in the past few months, in almost all cases the owner has been well within their rights to seek compensation from the agent and if they refuse, through the courts. In some cases, a particular agency advocacy group has even recommended to the owner to sue the agent.

Now you have every right to go down this road, but given the amounts we are talking about, your time already wasted trying to get this agent to stand up and be accountable for their actions, do you really want to spend additional time on this issue or do you want to move on and leave this agent as a bad memory?

The Debacles guarantee

When an agent refuses to correct or acknowledge a mistake they have made, we call these Debacles.

If your past agent has cost you money due to their action’s or inaction’s, and you move over to our agency, we will use 50% of net management fees received from you to refund back to you as compensation until the total amount owed to you by the past agent is recovered.


  • As always, this new guarantee is also available to all our current owners.
  • This guarantee is up to $5,000 per property. If your old agent owes you over this amount you should consider legal avenues to recover your lost funds.
  • This offer is valid until 1/9/2016. We have to put a limit on this eventually, otherwise we will forever be paying for other agents’ mistakes.
  • Excludes rent.
  • Our time to rectify these issues is as always free.
  • Terms are subject to change without advanced notice but will not be backdated.
  • There may be additional terms and conditions for specific cases but will be negotiated beforehand.

Note: For the majority of agencies we have taken managements from over the years they have been very professional and have been amazing to deal with. This page is certainly not about them.