rentbond / Certegy Ezi-Pay warning to tenants and Certegy Ezi-Pay are fantastic systems and we recommend them to all our tenants.

This post is to warn you to always make sure you’re keeping an eye on your bank account and never ignore text messages from any company that has a direct debit on your bank account.


We love

Moving into a new property isn’t as simple as jumping onto your favourite real estate website and searching through a few listings, sending an enquiry or two and moving in.

To move into a new property you need 6 weeks rent. 2 weeks for rent in advance and 4 weeks rent for bond. A tall ask for most people nowadays.

Paying by credit card was an option, but the Department of Commerce have decided real estate agencies cannot on-bill the merchant service charge to the tenant so most agents have had to let their credit card facilities go.

This is where comes to your rescue. With a simple application and immediate approval in most cases, zero interest and a small admin fee you get your rent paid immediately and your moving in as quickly as you can say “gee that was easy, thank you”.

All good agents are signed up for and accept bonds.

We like the system so much as agents we decided to check how it works as tenants. We were very happy with the process and the regular small payments were easy to handle.

The issue we did have was at the end once everything was paid off.


Admin fee woes

After our last payment was made we received the below friendly text message which was well received.

Letting us know we should respond if we wish to cancel the service and stop being billed a fee is a very Commercially and socially responsible thing for Certegy Ezi-Pay to do.



Why would we want to receive a monthly fee for something we have paid off?

There are a number of good reasons but most importantly Certegy Ezi-Pay allows you to buy on finance through literally thousands of retailers in Australia so it is very handy to have.

We didn’t want or need the service so we opted to “Close” which should have been the end of a good story and a good experience but when we checked our bank account, we were still getting charged the fee.


Are you getting billed?

If you have used or Certegy Ezi-Pay for any other loan, have paid it off and no longer wish to take advantage of the Certegy Ezi-Pay system; Check your bank account and make sure you’re not getting charged the monthly fee anymore. If you are, email and get your account deactivated. If you have already advised them in SMS like we did, email them a screen shot and get a refund.