The best sales and property management services at the best price
The best sales and property management services at the best price

Sell for $5,500

Sell in 28 days with our Openn Auction $5,500 sales package thanks to Openn Negotiation

Pay advertising upfront, then after settlement the commission is $5,500 less advertising already paid. This means you pay a maximum of $5,500 irrespective of your sale price.

Sell for $300,000 or sell for $1,000,000 and all you will pay is $5,500.

We also have a private treaty commission of 1.65% for a standard sales if you really really really don’t like auctions (but we think you will love it).

Why Openn?

With Openn Negotiation everyone can see all bids which drives the final sale price above what you could expect with a private treaty only approach.

Openn has all the benefits of an auction but none of the restrictions with you being able to negotiate with cash buyers, people with finance, and any other conditions, and at any time we can take the sale out of the auction and negotiate with a buyer direct.

The process

  1. We take professional photos
  2. Advertise on all sites
  3. Start the 28 day auction
  4. Show every weekend
  5. Present bid offers, and private treaty offers
  6. If the bids go over your reserve, the property will sell

If you do not sell at auction the sale reverts to a standard listing and still no change in our maximum of $5,500.

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Marketing your property

  • Online auction through Openn Negotiation
  • Home opens every weekend
  • Condensed 28 auction sales process
  • Online advertising
  • professional photos
  • For sale sign
  • Title Search
  • Strata Title Search
  • Directional signs
  • Brochures
  • Auctioneer

Our current listings

Sold Listings

Here you will find details on our sold listings. All with fantastic new owners and very happy sellers.

Sold Listings

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