Sell your property for 1.1%

Time to sell and want more in your pocket?

Sales commission

We offer a discounted sales commission of 1.1% including gst. – No gimmicks, no hidden clauses


  • Sell for $200,000 pay $2,200
  • Sell for $300,000 pay $3,300
  • Sell for $400,000 pay $4,400
  • Sell for $500,000 pay $5,500


  • Home Opens and private viewings are included – unlike similar discounted packages from some agencies
  • Settlement agent costs through our favourite settlement agent
  • Essentials marketing package

Upfront costs

  • Building inspection $290
  • Termite report $198
  • Marketing upgrades

Free Essentials marketing

  • Brochures for home opens

Marketing upgrades

We offer and recommend marketing upgrades on and

Building & timber pest inspections

We ask all properties we list to have a termite and building inspection report conducted before the first open. Your buyer will ask for these reports to be done prior to settlement anyway. Doing them now reduces the chance of any issue delaying or stopping settlement and speeds up sales. These documents can be emailed to potential buyers as part of our viewing registration process. Don’t worry, they won’t cost you a fortune (prices below).

Bonus offers

Property management – while on the sale market

  • On all properties we list for sale, we offer an All-inclusive property management package for 7.7% with no additional fees to pay after rental advertising of $165 if the property is vacant.

Free property management for buyers

  • We offer FREE property management for 12 months to anyone that buys your property making your property more attractive to investors


How can we afford to be so cheap?

  • We don’t have directors asking for a commission split
  • All our business overheads exist with or without your sale commission
  • Transaction expenses typically cost less than $1 on a sale
  • Actual costs is our time

What if we don’t sell

  • There is no commission payable. Commissions are only payable on a successful sale


Please email or call us, we are here to help.