Owner saves over $3,000 per year by paying his own rates and taxes

I was talking with one of our owners yesterday about options he had selected on the management authority.

We can customise our management down to every single account which is great for owners that wish to pay direct certain accounts to gain discounts or bonus points.

My owner had opted to pay some accounts for some of his properties and have Crash Realty pay others. It looked a little complicated so I discussed accounts with him and reasons why he had opted to pay some and not others.

At the end of the discussion the owner has opted to pay all shire rates, water rates, land taxes and strata levies direct to each respective creditor and take advantage of our “Tenancy Service” fee structure. This is 1.1% cheaper than our full service which may not sound like much but over his properties this represents a saving of over $3,000 per year. This owner is now saving nearly $7,000 per year over what he was paying when I first met him many years ago and had the pleasure of taking him on as a client.

Sometimes all it takes is a 5 minute conversation with a client to save them thousands.

If you are paying all your own rates and taxes, how much is your agent discounting their fees?