Why work with Crash Realty?

Because our business is your business. Time to get a real income from your boss and real admin support.

Full office support

  • Licensee
  • Accountants department
  • Assistants and administrative staff


We operate under a Results Only Work Environment. It doesn’t matter which foot you put a sock on first, after you have put both on you still have 2 feet with socks on them.


We embrace your individuality, after all the way you operate is why your clients want you. We have procedures but they are not set in stone, use them as a guide, make them better and share with your co-workers. Customise your service to suit your clients’ needs and your particular style.


  • PropertyTree
  • MyDesktop
  • inspectrealestate
  • Google Apps
  • ADL software

Pro Family (and we actually mean it)

Working your own schedule you will never need a sick note, when you are sick you are sick, you’ll catch up, and if you need help that’s what our admin staff are there for.

Have a sick kid? Take the time your family needs and reschedule your appointments or bring your kid with you to opens.

Your own boss

It’s like having your own franchise only better. You won’t have to pay for a Triennial license, trust accountants, admin staff, insurances, systems, real estate trust audits etc. An agency will spend 20-30% of commissions on these agency outgoings.

This is still a single real estate agency, you still have a licensee and support staff. You are not thrown out on your own to fend for yourself.

Start with the Why

We are fans of Simon Sinek, if you don’t know who that is google him, it will change your life.

Because Together is Better

  • We love all aspects of real estate, we want to share our passion with our staff and clients (owners,
  • tenants and contractors).
  • We want to reward our clients with fantastic services at fantastic prices.
  • We want to rewards our staff with ownership and profit shares.
  • This is your business as much as it is ours.


For more information please email david@crashrealty.com.au