Why we celebrate mistakes

We live in a society where we celebrate success and successful people but ostracise, ignore and demonise people that make even the smallest of mistakes.

For the majority of businesses, particularly in the real estate industry, we accept nothing less than faultless perfection from our staff.

This leads to staff spending more time fearing what will happen to them, their job, their career and their reputation if something ever goes wrong, than actually doing their jobs and serving their clients.

You see, fear of making mistakes leads to mistakes as people double guess their choices and doubt their own abilities.

I see this as a significant error in the leaders of our industry and our agencies. I feel we should be taking a polar opposite approach. Fear of a rod does not make a good employee.

In real estate I have worked with some of the most creative, innovative and imaginative people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Fear of failure, fear of making mistakes, fear of being embarrassed in front of your boss or co-workers can really kill off those entrepreneurial skills we actually look for when we recruit good staff.

At Crash Realty we celebrate mistakes

Now what I mean by celebrate mistakes is not that we aim to make mistakes and run to bake a cake to celebrate like a birthday and not that we don’t consider a mistake something to be avoided. What I mean is that we do not punish someone for identifying that they have made a mistake.

When there is a mistake we as a team

  • Acknowledge it
  • Own it
  • Rectify it
  • Learn from it

Our process

Identify Find out what happened. The what is important, the who is irrelevant and they are not to be made a target.
Rectify Fix the issue as quickly as possible. If it means the company pays to fix an issue, if it means an apology needs to me made, the company does it. Again the staff member is not victimised, they are a valuable asset and not to be lost.
Discuss As a group we discuss the circumstances of the issue happening. Can it be avoided and how.
Reduce Come up with a process, procedure, checklist, or culture change to reduce the chances of the issue coming up again.
Thank you Remember, in real estate at least, our staff are the business. We all worked together to rectify and resolve the issue. Staff should be thanked for their hard work.

Can you improve on this process?

I believe

  • People develop relationships with people not businesses.
  • Our staff are our only asset. Without them, we have no business.
  • The measure of a person is not how they deal when everything is going right, it is how they act when something goes wrong.