Property Club discounts

Want to be a serious investor?

The Property Club is an amazing organisation. They provide great free training, services, find well priced and well positioned investment properties throughout Australia and have made more millionaires than any other organisation that I know of.

As well as enjoying all this free information and assistance, they have also negotiated some heavily discounted property management fee structures in every state of Australia.

Best bits

One of the best bits is the Property Club clauses on every management authority, this gives you an exit clause with $0 ZERO $0 exit fees. If your agent isn’t working hard enough for you, you can give them notice and ask for another recommended agent.

Our next favourite and I would say your soon to be most favourite bit is the Multi-List. Imagine having not one but several agents working as hard as they can take secure the best tenant for you as quickly as possible. And why are the working so hard for you? Because they have a non-exclusive agreement to list your property and they don’t get an exclusive management and therefore don’t get paid until they lease your property.

The Property Club is just better

We have been working with the Property Club for many years now and we are great fans of their systems, members, developers and fellow agents.

Club owners are just better. Seasoned or new investors, they are just more informed ready to make those important decisions because they have all the research at their fingertips.

Developers are just friendlier. They work very hard to produce fantastic product for owners. These developers work closely with the Club and need to keep that good working relationship and reputation to keep working with the club and their members.

We work with a lot of agents throughout Perth and I always prefer to work with Club approved agents. They’re just friendlier and work harder. Yes they are our competition but they are the hardest working and most professional agents we have ever competed against. Friendly competition never hurt anyone, in fact it makes us Club agents even better.

Not a member?

Email us on for more information and we will put you in contact with a Property Club mentor.

Property Club deals

  • Property Club – DISCOUNTED PREMIUM 7.7% (1 week lease fee)
  • Property Club – ESSENTIALS 6.6% (1 week lease fee)
  • Property Club – Plus+ 5.5% (2 weeks lease fee) FREE Landlord Insurance Plus+


David Crash and Crash Realty do not receive referral commissions from the Property Club or any Property Club member. We make our recommendations based on our experience not for a profit.


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